Sunday, 24 July 2016

Approach for Effective Automation Framework

Preface: This blog is not related to different kind of automation frameworks. It is about the thing need to consider during planning phase for Automation framework.

A well-defined automation framework helps to maintain higher re-usability and develops easily maintainable scripts. It is very important to choose an effective automation framework for any project or organization which is more effective and can be used across projects and have higher ROI from the automation project.
To consider a framework, we must understand the requirements and select an approach to create an effective automation framework. Below mentioning few points which are important to consider to create an effective framework.
  • What all kind of application need to automate? It might be Web, Webservices/API, Mobile, Desktop, specific application like Oracle, SAP, etc.
  • Flow requirement?  Single application or combination frontend and backend.
  • Who all are going to use this automation framework for execution?It can be used by QA, Developer or business people as well
  • What kind of reporting we require?
  • Do you require any separate logging for debugging?
  • Is your framework require Performance Testing using those functional scenarios?
  • Is any requirement of GUI testing?
  • Do you require CI/CD integration?
  • Do you require Code coverage also?
  •  Do you require Big Data integration too?

Epilogue : If we are clear of what we require then we can move to selecting tool, technologies, methodologies to create an effective framework. To achieve desired benefits the framework must be accurately designed and developed.

A Goal without planning is just a Dream